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hi im a newbie to over clocking and was wondering, would overclocking speed up how fast the computers rendering time when rendering hd video?
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  1. yes :p I believe rendering is gpu based? I could be wrong on that but the faster you process the data the quicker it goes.
  2. Yes, the processor can handle more instructions per unit of time so the rendering would be faster. Make sure you have a good heatsink on your processor if you plan on overclocking or else you could do some serious damage. Video rendering takes a long time and overclocking for hours is dangerous without an aftermarket heatsink.
  3. yes

    If you clock 10% higher it will render pretty much 10% faster
    This should be true for all cpu intensive tasks

    Gaming is about the only area where OC will get you almost no benefit [ if you are using an intel i5 or 17 cpu]
  4. ok thanks for answering. another quick question do you get all the cables needed to build a pc included with the parts?
  5. Yes, you do.
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