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I recently enabled my Crossfire set-up and did notice a good boost in performance but then I checked GPU-Z and the readings were showing one of the cards operating well under the first cards performance.

My question is, is this normal and if not, what can I do to correct it? Thanks!

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  1. I believe thats AMDs Power Tune in action.
    Read this and let us know;
  2. I actually have 2 6950's so that was a good guide but even when I disable that feature the clock still stays the same?
  3. Are those readings from idle or during load?
  4. Yes from idle
  5. How many displays do you have connected?
    Can you give us a a link to the specific cards you have?
  6. I currently have 2 displays connected to one card which is the card that is working fine.

    i have two of those cards
  7. A screenshot of them idle doesn't do anything for us because they are in Power Saving mode when idle.

    It makes sense that the one card has higher clocks because your using 2 displays on it.Try taking a screen shot of them under load and post it.
  8. Oh okay I understand now :)

    I will post a screenshot under heavy load when I get home.

    Thanks for the input so far :)
  9. Just to let you know your not gonna be able to take a screenshot while your in game because as soon as you minimize it will start to downclock.Either run a game in windowed mode or use a stress testing program.
  10. Yeah I figured that would happen so I plan to have the GPU-Z programs running on my second screen and the game on the first so i can see both and just print screen since it print screens both screens :)
  11. Lol.That's a good idea as well.
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