Time to upgrade mobo Suggestions Please!!!

Ok its time to upgrade my mobo and RAM Currently running 32bit on a budget ($70) Asus.

i5 3750K cpu (watercooled)

2GB HD7850 GPU

Ordinary 1TB HDD will be upgraded

SSD to be added in the future.

Would like to go 64bit so I can increase the RAM to 12gb but not sure if that's over kill... or not enough.

Which leads me to another question. Can you have to much RAM before it starts to get silly???

Would greatly appreciate any suggestions :)
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  1. Woops 1155 chipset and space is not a problem.
  2. Ram wise if you are strictly gaming 8 gigs is the way to go beyond that its just for giggles. If you do things like editing and or rendering you may want to look for more 16/32 (on the high end).

    Motherboard well what are you looking for middle end or high end are you mildly overclocking are you heavy overclocking. Also what are you currently using.
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