Windows 7 not detect MSI RADEON 4650 D512

Hello, I have MSI Radeon 4650, PCIe 2.0, Windows 7 32 bit, tried everything, reinstalling win, drivers, installing different versions of Catalyst. but still Win7 doesnt detect my graphics card. card fan is running, everything seems okey. But my monitor show no signal. monitor works with onboard graphics card. Can anybody help me?a
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  1. ie. motherboard ASUS M2N68-VM.. and also once it switched graphics cards, I mean onboard card stopped working with monitor and that time this Radeon card was working, but it was automatically, when I turned off PC and started again, it was again not working..
  2. go in your bios and activate the 4650 as primary graphic cand and disable the onboard one
  3. in bios there is only priority.. IGP -> PCIe and PCIe -> IGP.. no possibility to disable onboard.. As I said, I tried every normal ways..but nothing helped..
  4. select PCIe -> IGP and retry pag 2-28 of user manuel bios set-up
  5. please.. I was trying everything for about 20 hours in couple days.. nothing works.. so please stop trying to help me with such simple things.. there is somewhere else bigger problem.. thanks
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