Is my system bottlenecking?

I build a system recently and i feel like its not up to its full potential. I would like everyones opinions.

I5 2500k. stock
4 GB G skill 1333
128 gb SSD Imation SATA I
Diamond 6970
ASUS P8P67 m pro
27" Monitor.

I get about low 50 FPS in BF3 at medium settings.
The gameplay is not perfect. It feels choppy.

My friend has I7 k.
OCz ssd 500mb read speed.
8 GB 2300 RAM
580 GTX
on his computer and it plays like butter.

please help me in finding out what is the problem. I want it to play perfect at medium or high settings.

Thanks everyone!
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  1. What resolutions are you both gaming at?

    Your system is weaker then his (i5 is weaker then i7, 6970 is weaker then 580GTX, etc).
  2. Your friends rig is more powerful than your rig, although if you get a better cooling solution than your friend, you could overclock your CPU, GPU and RAM, you might be on par with his rig then.
  3. You're going to have a hard time matching his performance because the 580 is substantially more powerful than the 6970 (and priced accordingly). You do have a fairly high end rig though- you NEED to OC your processor. If you have the budget you could also consider getting another 6970 and 4GB additional RAM.
  4. to get the full out of your rig overclocking is best solution

    Also get latest drivers for your rig

    you can easily overclock your rig more than 20% without any issue, which can increase fps 20-40% of current
  5. Turn off MSAA.
  6. ^+1
    You can turn off any unnecessary settings (as another way to improve fps)
  7. BF3 is not a cpu intensive game so I wouldn't worry too much about overclocking the i5 (although you should anyway)

    I would give oc'ing the 6970 a shot and for a graphically intense game like BF3 you may seriously want to consider a xfire set up. In addition I would go up to 8 gig ram which should help slightly.

    Also, what resolution are you playing at?
  8. To everyone,

    So i tried my friends 580 the other day and noticed the difference. When i put back my 6970 in i saw it had a switch on top. I researched and found out it had to do with flashing the bios. I ended up switching it to the other side to see what would happen. Wouldnt you know it, it played about as good as the 580.

    I just wanna thank everyone for your advice.
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