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Laptop power supply

Hi, I'm thinking of upgrading my i3 330M HM55 chipset cpu on my laptop which is running at i think 25W(according to zcupid) to a i7 or i5 which run at around 55W.

My problem is that im not sure if my power supply and battery can handle that load.

My specs
i3 330M cpu
2sticks of 2gb ram (4gb total)
Ati Radeon premium graphics (ill be more specific if need be)
blueray disk
15inch 1080x920 full hd dispaly
power supply is 19.5v 3.9A model vgp-AC19v37
laptop model vaio vpceb17fg
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  1. its if your motherboard can handle it.
  2. Hi :)

    You cannot uprate the charger on a laptop....end of...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Your stock laptop Heatsink would not keep up with that beefy of a processor and more importantly the cpu wouldn't fit seeing as it uses a different socket type than the one on your mobo.
  4. This is the cpu i want to put in. It says its compatible with HM55 chipsets.

    Im hoping i can get away with not upgrading the charger which is why i want to know if the charger i currently have is sufficient or not.

    The laptop currently runs at 63C - 65C max(is that too hot?) when on load. The fan out put only feels slightly warm at that temp so im thinking the heatsink could take alot more heat.

    My motherboard is
    manufactured by: the evil Sony Corporation
    Model: VAIO
    Chipset: intel Havendale/Clarkdale host bridge Rev: 02
    Southbridge: intel HM55 REV:05

    Brand: American Megatrends Inc
    Version: R0300Y8
    date: 07/20/2010

    How do i check is my motherboard can support my cpu or not?

    Sorry for the long post and Thnx for the help
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    Your motherboard does not support the socket type that the new processor uses also the insufficient cooling in your laptop would most likely cause it to overheat. On a laptop the only things you should be upgrading/changing are HDD's and ram.
  6. yeah, iv decided to sell my vaio laptop and make a desktop instead XD
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