Matched ramm wont work together


First time posting here...

I have a Asus P5kpl-vm G31 mobo that was running fine with 2x1gb ddr2 800mhz ramm. Running a Q8400 processor.

Decided to upgrade to 64bit win 7 and bought a matched pair of Kingston hyper x 2gb RAM as per QVL.

Now I cant get them to run together on win 7 32 bit. I can run each seperately or even with one old 1gb (3gb total) fine but cant even get bios screen, it just hangs on the ASUS screen.

Please help, since forums are fiddling with timings and voltages and such....
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  1. Hi

    I tried flashinjg the BIOS last night with te Asus EZ Flash 2 in the BIOS bt the BIOS files downloade are ot installed as they are " incompatible with current BIOS version"....

    What now?

    Please help...
  2. change rams speed
  3. OK

    Played a bit last night to update the BIOS and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts I "googled" the BIOS ID and identified that it is an " Engineering BIOS" which cannot be updated from with the regular BIOS versions fromthe website..... In fact the BIOS currently installed is not available from the website.

    So from my research Ineed to flash the bios.... just need some guidance on how to do that?

    Any help.

    By the way the RAM I bought was from the QVL list and new sticks can work in combination with the old ram, which was the same speed, just not together!!
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