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For some reason I am transfering files via my ROUTER very, very, VERY, slowly. I am transfering these files from an old desktop pc to a new laptop pc.

My router is a Linksys by Cisco Model No. BEFSR41 and both my computers share the same internet by AT&T DSL.
Both are on the same line through this router.

I use AIM (Aol Instant Messenger) to transfer my files, since both computers are on the same network then AIM should transfer the folder's fairly quick right ?

Current problem:
Well its taken me 3 hours just to get to 4% of 7gb. I did not have this problem before, before I would transfer over 45gb of documents through this router in under 30minutes to 1 hour.

Desktop: AMD Athlon X2 64bit, 2gb DDR2 RAM, NVIDIA 9600GT, 250gb HDD, 650 WATT PSU, Windows XP Professional 32bit
Laptop: Intel Core i7-740, 6gb RAM, HD Radeon 5870, 640GB, Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Sorry if I left out any other information but if you could let me know what other specs are needed I will update this post asap!! :)
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  1. When using AIM you are using the internet. Why it will take for ever.

    Why are you not sharing a folder on the XP that contains the files and access the folder from the Win7?
  2. I dont think AIM should be the problem since other user's have done this same method and have not had this problem. Even if I tried that file sharing it would be the same as using AIM since it is transfered through the router. Honestly im not sure what the problem is at this point because I've tried configuring my router and configuring internet/lan options on my desktop to see if i could change anything. It is my desktop that contains all the files and I want to transfer it to the laptop.

    EDIT: I tried to troubleshoot this problem by changing the computer names of both desktop and laptop PC's. Thinking that since there's duplicate computer names on the same network that is what's causing the problem. But after changing the computer names so that both PC's are different and doing full computer restarts, it is still transfering the files very slowly.
  3. I would like to try that Windows File sharing, however I am not familiar on how to share network access from my source pc (desktop) to my destination pc (laptop).
  4. on the source PC right click on the folder and choose Sharing and Security.
    check Share this folder on the network
  5. I have shared the proper folders on my source pc, and they appear under My Network Places>>Local Network. Then on my destination pc, under My computer>>network i do not see any other shared network connections.
  6. I also created the same workgroup names since they are different operating systems on the same network. Still I cannot access the shared folders on my destination pc.

    I can upload pictures to let you know what I'm working with
  7. Once you shared the folder on the XP, on your Win7 click on Start and then Computer.

    on the bottom left click on Network.
    your XP computer should show on the top in the right window.
    double click on the XP computer icon, it should show the shared folder.
    double click the shared folder.
  8. Yup, I am very aware of the step-by-step you gave me. Nonetheless I still do not see my Winows XP computer when I checked the network on my Windows 7.

    DIINHSTERR is my Windows 7 laptop. here's a link to the picture of what i mean

    EDIT: Full Computer Name for the desk top is "Home-PC" (without the quotes) and this is what should be showing up under networks for Windows 7.
    Correct me if I am wrong my friend.

    Here are images as to what i did for the windows XP

    Idk if workgroup was suppose to be a password so I edited it a bit :D
  9. have you tried to disable the firewalls on your computers?
  10. I dont have firewalls on either computer, and I've tried to disable the antivirus as well. Honestly this could just be an outdated linksys router seeing how this model is over 2 years old, something could be defective within the router and not the computers. Anyhow if I cant get the transfers to go any quicker i'll just go out and buy an external hd and use that method instead =[
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