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Newegg shell shocker worth it?


Will be $100 from 3-5 CT today. Is it worth it and are there any skellys in the closet that I should be aware of?
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    Great Wall seem to be getting progressively better reviews. They might be the next Superflower.

    I say go for it, let us know how it goes.
  2. A little pickyness going on over @ JonnyGuru forums
    Looks like a very good value @ $100
  3. Jonnyguru's review of the OCZ 1000w sister unit:
  4. One of the complaints by the Guru crew was the ZX label on the 850 when it didn't match the build quality of the ZX 1000.

    This is the HardwareSecrets review of the ZX 850 they were being picky about.
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  6. Went for it, we'll see how it goes...
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