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Eyefinity wont work right with Crossfire..

This is strange to me...

I have Crossfire HD6950's ... I have the primary card connected to 3 monitors in this order:
left 17" monitor connected with VGA miniDisplayPort adaptor, middle 24" monitor connected with HDMI, right 17" monitor connected with VGA DVI adaptor..

It works fine with one graphics card(AKA crossfire disabled) ...this is what it looks like: use the 1080P setting at least...if possible :)

Then when I crossfire my cards it looks like this(recorded it with my digital camera..since this problem wont show up with fraps):

This problem happens with all games...not just Deus Ex: HR..

When I record with FRAPS or take a screenshot the crossfired version looks just fine in the finished video or screenshot...

Basically with crossfire the screen gets some sort of bleedthrough corruption crap, when not in crossfire eyefinity works fine.... im wondering why since I thought this problem was fixed a long time ago by AMD..

----What I think the problem is---
Only thing I can think of is that my motherboard only supports 16x/4x where the cards are right now.. I cant move them closer because the primary card overheats because the fan is pretty much covered...
So the second graphics card is lagging behind 8gb/s vs 2gb/s causing the glitching eyefinity using crossfire...
-----What I tried already-------
the cards are stock OCed ....I already tried lowering their clocks..

Already tried a new crossfire cable

Already tried swapping the cards

Already tried changing monitor order..

I cant change the PCI-E speeds like my last motherboard...its a fixed speed..

I have 11.7 drivers installed atm, but I tried 11.6 and 11.8... still didn't fix the problem

So anyway how do I fix it?
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    16x/4x slots never work properly for crossfire. they only make any stuttering even more apparrent.
  2. HAHA!! works!
    I did some major surgery ... took the power supply out(modular,so it was easier)... cleaned it ...put the power supply back in, but I put it in the top of the case instead of the bottom where it was...I pulled out both graphics cards....swapped them, but put the second one in the very bottom slot ( 8x slot surprising) ...I wasn't unable to use that slot before because the power supply was in the way...
  3. so it works properly in the 8x slot?
  4. iam2thecrowe said:
    so it works properly in the 8x slot?

    Yep perfect .... no problems... Crysis2 maxed out(DX11+high rez textures pack) with eyefinity = drools :D
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