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Need help recovering files from a crashed hdd!!!

Computer crashed. Need files from the hard drive. Is there any "equipment" available to accomplish this? Or any method I can utilize on my own to retrieve them?
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  1. This may help ( You may need to creat some form of start up disk to access the HD. Please describe what has happened and tell us what hardware is involved.
  2. you could try this it's free
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    Mount the HD into another computer and try to access the files that way. As long as the drive isn't physically 'damaged', it should mount right up.
    Then, if you still can't read from the drive, get a rescue program. It would help if you defined what 'crash' was. Does Windows just not start on the drive? Have you tried running a repair from the Windows CD if Windows isn't booting.
    I've recovered dozens of 'crashed' hard drives of mine and friends' just by mounting it on another SATA port (or put into an external HD case) and access the drive that way, copied the files to DVD/other HD/Flashdrive, etc...

    They also sell things like this:
    So you can just plop your drive into it and it acts like an external USB drive (they have 2.5", 3.5" and both like that one for various prices).
  4. Those files are still stored on the disk just invisible or inaccessible. Only the FAT or NFTS table erased the information about where those data were saved but the real data are still intact there in sectors of the disk.So as long as those data are not overwritten by new data, it's highly possible to recover them. it is an amazing tool and hlep me find my lost data back. So hoep it works for you too. good luck~ BTW, you can download it from here:
    :bounce: wish you luck
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