Unable to boot

I just installed a new motherboard, memory and cpu in my system and I can't seem to boot up properly.

The new:
Asus P8P67 Pro motherboard
4G (2x2G) Crucial 1600 Ram
Intel i5 Sandy Bridge 2500k processor

The old:
2x Geforce 8800gt
Western Digital 150G hd
650W Antec psu

Asus M2N-SLI deluxe mb
AMD Athlon 6000+ x2 processor
4G cheap Kingston ram

I noticed that it said "no disc detected" toward the beginning of the boot, but after that it loads windows normally. my old mb did this too. then, following the windows loading screen, I get a very fast BSOD (too fast to read) and it starts over. Help!
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  1. couple other tidbits that may help: when I boot from my windows disc and enter setup, it detects my hd no problem and can identify the partition that holds my current installation. Also this board has no IDE port, and my cd drive is IDE; I happened to have a SATA to IDE adapter which seems to be working fine
  2. nevermind... I think I have it working now :) switched modes from ahci to ide
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