Cpu 775 intel core 2 duo e6600 high temperature

i just run the core temp program only to watch if i needed a new case modding for my my cpu and i saw the temperatures while the system was idle was at 85 C. I run the prime95 to raise the load and saw the temperature going up to 101 C , which i thought was the end of my system! just for your information there is no oc at the cpu , i have on it the first cooling device it had and its there for over 7 years with only the standar cleaning i am doing for it! Do you happen to know any issues like this? does a bios update solve the problem? any advices will be acceptable with much appreciation! Thanks!
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  1. your heatsink mounting is not correct.
  2. Sounds like your using the stock heatsink and that the thermal paste has gone off or the fan is failing or the heatsink has worked loose.

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