Computer freezes and makes weird noise while playing games

So this just started happening a few days ago, where i was playing COD 4 and all of the sudden the game will freeze, the computer would make this weird noise and completely freeze and one of my screens would just go white. The only fix was to re-start it and it would work again, but as soon as i played any game, this would happen again.

My system specs are listed below:
Windows 7 64 Bit
Mobo: Asus m3n78
CPU AMD Phenom 9550
Memory 6 GB DDR2
Video Card EVGA 9600 running dual with onboard chip which is a Nvidia 8200
3 1366 x 768 Monitors

I've looked around and found a few similar posts most of them have suggested memory leak..could this be a possibility?

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  1. IMO, these could be the reasons for ur trouble, listed from most probable to least.

    Faulty software/drivers
    Faulty RAM
    Faulty PSU
    Faulty Motherboard
  2. I've rulled out overheating, there is more than enough ventilation and the temps are at a smooth 40 C and 25 - 30 C for HD

    However the RAM....i did remove a module that i thought was the problem, and so far its been working with out a problem. I haven't had a game crash at all, of course i was only able to test it for a hour, but normally games would crash with in minutes of starting.

    Thanks though!!
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