BIOSTAR A960G+ any good?

This a very cheap Mobo with possibly all the fearture I would like. Is Biostar good for a Motherboard company. I tried ASUS and Gigabyte with same config but it supports only 8 Gigs of max ram. Do I really need it?

I will get a FX-4100 and I have an Nvidia 9500 GT, will games like GTA 4 or Skyrim or upcoming GTA 5 play fine???
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  1. Biostar boards are sort of ok, but I find the bios settings to quiet poor.
    As for a 9500GT card I would aim a bit higher if you can, it will have a hard time with skyrim,Gta 4 and 5 to be honest.
  2. A 9500 GT will have trouble playing those games even on low, TBH. Perhaps instead of getting an FX-4100 and the BIOSTAR mobo, get something like an A10-5800k or the A8 and get a cheap enough FM2 mobo and then just use the integrated graphics. That would be a better, and much more power-efficient, solution.
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