My computer not picking up tv signal with WinTV 1600 with cable box

My tv tuner was working find,but when we moved it won't pickup a tv signal. I have a WinTV 1600 combo. with a cable box comcast
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  1. Can you provide the details of your PC TV connection before and after the transfer?
  2. did you go into the channel manager or channel suite
    and select the appropiate input?

    if you are using a coaxial screw on cable plug then you want
    tuner and add it to the channel list
    if it is not the screw on plug let me know what you have

    also make sure the viewing software is set to channel 3 or 4 depending on what your comcast cable box is set for (default is channel 3)

    also make sure the tv tuner card is properly seated it
    very easy for a card during a move to move a little out of the slot
    even if it looks like it is in there please remove and reseat it

    I also have comcast box and a Hauppage and an a ATI theater pro setup
    and this usually works for me
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