Cheapest AM3/AM3+ motherboard for crossfire (30-55GBP)

CPU = phenom II 955 ( prefer am3+) for future proofing but not that important
Graphics = 6870 crossfire in future, latest PCIe proffered

USB 3 would be nice
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  1. 12 views no replies someone please help
  2. From which store are u gonna buy it?
  3. Any store that's in Manchester or deciphers to ther
    Scan is the chapest, but others are accepted if theyre fitting my reqs
  4. If you want to properly crossfire at x8/x8, and not just crossfireX where the second slot stays at X4 speed

    The cheapest option is the Asrock 970 extreme4

    There is an MSI model that can do 8x/8x on a 970 chipset too but they have VRM problems and you should not buy one
  5. The 8x 8x ones are two expensive, maybe I'll use a dual tou single tou Xfire so 16 and 4 might be better and cheaper
    Also, I just ordered an asrock extreme3 is there a difference? Should I cancel it? What's the price in Gbp

    Also if anyone knows cheapest hardware store in Manchester it'd be much appreciated
  6. I mean a 6870 x2 and a normal 6870
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