Need a full length bracket for a Asus 8400 GS

Can anyone tell me where I could get one, just had my old card die on me and have ordered a cheap 8400 till I can afford something better, but its got a low profile bracket on. the only other way to fit it would mean chopping my case to allow the bracket to fit I'd rather not do that.
any help or advise will be greatly appreciated?
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  1. Most of the brackets you can remove them (usually attached with a small phillips screw or something like that). You could possibly install without the bracket and place your case on it's side until you upgrade too. Check your old GPU and see if you can remove it too, than just do a swap if it's possible.
  2. I know they are removable, I'm sure the card I'm buying would have came with both brackets. It won't be possible to swap with my old bracket everything is in a different order. Would a shop like tandys sell them?
  3. Yes, or get an extra one from a buddy. I'm sure if you have buddy's like me, one of them will have an old GPU laying around with a normal sized bracket that you could probably have or borrow until you upgrade.
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