Msi 970A-G45 pci express slot problem

hello to all,
I just built a new system with:
cpu fx4100
mobo: msi 970A-G45
gpu: msi 620gt
ram: 2x4gb corsair vegeance
psu 580W xilence
ssd intel 330 60gb
hdd wd caviar black 640gb

everything is brand new. when i put them together and push the button all seem to work accept from the gpu's fan, and so nothing apears on the screen. I placed the gpu in another system and worked like a charm.
the pci express slot seems to be wider than it should. the gpu can move a bit left or right. it does not fit firmly as it should. when i hold the gpu with my hand the fan turns for 2-3 secs and stops. tried screwing the gpu tightly, cleaning the slot with air, removing ram and trying them one at the time, testing the psu with a multimeter. any ideas?
thanks in advance
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  1. Sounds defective, I would RMA or return it to seller for replacement.
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