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I have a HP Pavilion a6217c that is having intermittent problems such as halting during different scenarios. I have tested memory and hard drive and have not turned up any errors. I am looking to but a replacement motherboard and possibly case since HP has a non-standard design. I am looking for a compatible motherboard so I can transfer my existing CPU, memory, and PCI cards. It is a Micro ATX with AM2 processor and I would like to find a new compatible motherboard and case. Current motherboard is a ECS HP MCP61PM-HM Nettle2-GL8E 6150SE AM2. I want to mention that I have everything else including non-oem OS license, etc and will be reformatting my drive and starting from scratch. I do not want to buy another HP (ECS) board since they seem to have issues. Thanks.
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  1. Thanks for the information. I had been looking at the newegg board that you specified. Thanks again.
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