Asrock 970 extreme 3 Gskill Mem Help

hey guys,

i have a Asrock 970 extreme 3 mobo with a AMD Fx-6100 and i was looking at pc case gear for memory .

upon looking at the available ram they offer i found]

and was wondering if this would be compatible with my Mobo / cpu.

any suggestion on ram based on my setup from the pc case gear site would be great. i checked the Qvl and couldnt find anything there in regards to my link but all help is greatly appreciated.

thank you kindly
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  1. It's not on the 'official' supported list for the motherboard.

    However it will most likely work just fine.
  2. any other definitive answers or suggestion as to what is 100% compatible as incompatibility is not a warranty and has a 0 return policy?
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    No problem at all, just make sure to configure settings in BIOS for optimal performance. In addition to the basic memory settings, you should raise CPU-NB Voltage +0.1V to stabilize full slots of DDR3-1866. AMD FX CPUs can only support two natively.

    Thank you
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