Dell IN2020M graphics adapter 1600 x 900 resolution option

I am running a dell IN2020M 20 inch monitor on an AMD Athlon XP processor. The display is distorted because I cannot get anything better than a 1024 by 768 resolution. How do I get 1600 by 900? Dell only seems to have one driver for this monitor.
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  1. That seems more like a graphics card problem than a monitor problem.Try updating your GPU's drviers.

    Also you've tried manually setting the resolution with Windows Display options?As well as using the Auto Adjust function on the monitor?

    What OS are you using?
  2. The problem I am having only happens when I am running on windows XP. I also use Ubuntu on the same computer (that is long to explain) and the monitor works fine on Linux. I only use XP for certain applications and mostly offline. I am wondering if XP is too outdated for this monitor.
  3. Doubt That, I Used A Monitor That Was 1600x1024 (My Good Old SGI 1600SW, Man I Miss Her), And A Freind Of Mine Used (And Still Does) One Of The First Samsung Widescreens (24", 1920x1200) Back When Windows 2000/XP Were The Two Most Popular Windows Versions (2002 - 2004-Ish).

    I Agree With The Guy Above It Seems An Issue With Your Graphics Card/Drivers
  4. I don't understand. Ubuntu on the same computer must be using the same graphics card and that works fine on this monitor. It's only XP that doesn't give me 1600 900 on this monitor. Is there some kind of fix?
  5. You Could Probably Use Rivatuner To Force It To The Right Resolution
  6. Yes and cause a melt-down. Does anyone have any other ideas. I think I was right to change to Linux but I still need Excel for one app for a little while longer.
  7. Save what you want to keep to a partion and Reformat.Only use 1 OS.
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    You need an updated graphics driver for Windows XP. Ubuntu is using its own driver for your video card and that proves the video card is capable of 1600X900.
  9. Thanks. That makes sense. Now I need to find a reputable supplier for an updated graphics driver. No such thing at Microsoft.
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