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Most powerful eyefinity settup.

As far as eyefinity goes (6x1080p), which GPU (in 3-way SLI/3-way CFX) would work better, the AMD 6970 or the GTX580? I know that obviously the 580 is more powerful, but I'm not sure whether or not it's as well suited for eyefinity as AMD cards are.
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  1. The Radeon HD 6970 3-Way SLI will work best. They seem to scale better compared to the GTX 580 in Eyefinity, not to mention you aren't limited to 1.5GB of VRAM.
  2. With resolution's like that your going to want as much VRAM as you can possibly get.

    Of Course the 6970 comes stock with 2G of memory but their are 3G versions of the GTX580 which would probably be the best.Of course all GTX580's come with a hefty price tag but if your buying 3 of them you obviously have the extra money to get the 3G versions.

    Even a 6990+6970 is faster (and a helluva lot cheaper) than tri-sli 580's. The Nvidia cards just scale really badly in comparison but I agree the 3GB versions could win at extremely high 6-screen resolutions due to the memory.
  4. hm... i thought there was no such thing as eyefinity for nvidia cards... o.O
    dont they use nvidia surround?? thought that limited them to 3 monitors tops...
  5. Yep you're correct, and Nvidia says it has no plans to support more than 3 either.
  6. So even with Tri-SLI GTX580s there's no way to run more than 3 monitors, correct? If so, then I'll definitely go with the 6970s.
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    My bad,I totally forgot Nvidia doesn't do more than 3 monitors.6970's would be the next best thing.
  8. Agreed. Shooters would suck, racing sims might be playable, but Flight sims should be great. I wouldn't use 6 monitors if you play shooters.
  9. If you didn't do it like a pyramid I could see it being useful with 5 monitors.Full 180 view.
  10. Thanks to all of you for helping with this.

    This isn't for a real build, just a part selection competition, to see who could pick the most overkill build.

    Although after seeing some 3 monitor eyefinity setups recently I'm somewhat persuaded to maybe look into buying a couple extra monitors when I upgrade from my current 1600x900@60Hz (5ms refresh) resolution to 1080p@60Hz (2ms refresh).
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