Upgrading my RAM, anything specific I need to know?

I know that the RAM I'm purchasing is compatible with my mobo. I have a single 4gb stick of G.Skill 1333 ram in my motherboard right now.

During newegg's sale's I picked up 8gb of G.Skill 1600 ram (2x4gb). Can I simply power down my computer and take out the old ram and put it in the new 2x4gb sticks then start my computer back up?
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    Yes. The ram speed may default to a lower speed initially, and require you to set it in manual mode in the bios. Check the post screen for your ram speed. If it runs at 1333, press the "del" key before the post screen disappears, or reboot and start over. You should have a setting for "auto" for the ram in the chipset section or advanced section of the bios somewhere, unless your board is made for dell, hp, etc. They generally don't allow you to change the ram speed yourself.
  2. It's an ASRock board that I put into a custom built PC. I'm pretty sure the speed is already set to automatic. Thanks a bunch.
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