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Upgrade options from CrossFire

I have two PowerColor 5770s in crossfire right now, and I'm debating upgrading my computer from Phenom II to a Sandy Bridge setup.
My main question is, should I go for a 6870 or a 6950? I've been trying to find a review that compares the performance of 2 5770s to other setups, but I'm having a hard time. From what's I can find, they perform similarly to a single 5850, so a little worse than a 6870 on average. I'm mostly looking to switch platforms and "reset" my upgrade path rather than get a huge graphics performance boost, but I don't want to hinder myself by cheaping out on the single GPU. I also recall that the 69xx series scaled significantly better than the 68xx series when it comes to crossfire.

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    There's your VGA charts you can use. The 5770 CFX listed is for 2 5770's, I double checked it, so use it for comparison.

    In short, a 6950 is going to be a better option for you to upgrade, not only in terms of a single 6950 outperforming your current setup, but for future upgrades it will definitely scale better on CF.
  2. i agree with boris, but you might want to just do the videocard for now. in a month bulldozer will be out and might look like a better option for a new system and if not sandy bridge will likely be cheaper to compete.
  3. Nice site! Thanks a lot, that's helpful.

    True, it's definitely a good idea to check out bulldozer. I need to raise capital for an upgrade anyway, so I'll definitely wait a little.
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