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3 monitor Eyefinity setup with different aspect stretch. Help please.

Here's the situation: I have two 23" LG monitors both running at 1920x1080 [16:9] and a Samsung 24" Monitor running at 1920x1200 [16:10] in the middle of the two. I've got Eyefinity up and running just fine but the issue I'm having is forcing the center monitor to run at 1920x1080 with the letterbox effect. Right now it stretches it out so it looks like ass and blurry, especially text. Outside of eyefinity mode it looks perfectly fine but as soon as I do extended desktop it goes to looking-like-crap stretch mode. I've searched pretty extensively on TomsHardware and other sites with Google but I can't for the life of me find a recent post with a solution. Most responses seem to be people suggesting try "retain aspect ratio" and other settings in CCC but no go so far. I can get the monitor into 1920x1080 in normal mode but once Eyefinity kicks in, it goes to stretch and back to crappy looking.

I realize the easiest solution would be to replace the center monitor with another 23" LG Monitor and it would likely look better. That's the long term plan but for now I'm hoping to find some way to get it to not scale in Eyefinity. The one solution I found that worked has the author claiming that it forces it into 1920x1080 even outside of Eyefinity and needs a reboot every time to switch in and out of forced aspect ratio. This definitely isn't ideal.

Anyone have any experience with this, preferably with success?
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    Can you force aspect ratio for the center monitor through the OSD of the middle monitor?
  2. Doesn't appear to allow that. It's a Samsung SyncMaster 2433
  3. Anyone?
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