Comparison of linksys/cisco/netgear

Could someone please give me a quick comparison of routers and their firmware (linksys, cisco, netgear, open source firmware)?

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  1. I doubt if anyone could give you a quick response to such a general inquiry as each brand makes such a wide range of models.

    FYI, Linksys are owned by Cisco -- the latter are generally sold to corporates and cost more -- in short are not very user friendly when it comes to consumers.

    Of Linksys and Netgear I tend to favour the latter they seem simple to set up and the firm has a helpful user forum -- some people query their after sales support but our products have proved reliable enough that I haven't had to deal with their support staff.

    In terms of setup both Linksys and D-Link (another major brand you might consider) offer more comprehensive options than Netgear but the important stuff is accessible without the more esoteric options to confuse one.
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