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I always built my computers and now i have a new built new one with win 8, ivy bridge, 600 series nvidia, 8gb ram and z77 mb. also ssd boot. I had BSOD a little while maybe that's better had bad ram stick. I'm new to UEFI and of coarse win 8. last os i used was xp. here's my question I will lose 3 hrs maybe once a week on windows clock it also changes in UEFI so I change it back works for awhile. now I've always thought the bios was the main place to put/set time and windows will use that time accordingly, but is windows apparently able to connect to the UEFI in ways I didn't realize. I changed time zone in windows and the UEFI/bios updated. was this a dumb question or is this new or have I just never come across this?
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  1. I don't fully understand your question but let me say this :

    Any changes to time in your OS will change the BIOS setting for that time. This has been like this since I can remember(windows ME).

    If you are still losing time it could either be a faulty CMOS or a faulty CMOS battery, since you have a new board I would think its the first. Just to be sure this is not software related, reinstal win8 with the correct time AND the correct timeline...
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