What should I upgrade?


Well this is my pc:

Procesor: Phenom II x4 965 C3 stock@3.4ghz AMD
Motherboard: GA-890XA-UD3 motherboard Gigabyte
Ram: 8gb ddr3 1033 mhz dual channel Kingston
Power supply: Silent pro 1000w Cooler Master
Hard drive: Spinpoint F3 1TB Samsung
Videocard: 570 gtx EVGA with Arctic cooling heatsink
Case: HAF 932 full tower Cooler Master
Cpu heatsink: Vigor Monsoon IILT Cooler master

I'm not from the USA and I go there only 1-2 time(s) per year (June-December)... and was thinking about selling the 570 gtx (sells for $300 used where I live) so I could add only $150 for a nice pimped 580 gtx to overclock it even more.

About the CPU, I was able to OC it to 3.5X because at 3.6-3.8 it was getting too hot and it was giving me BSOD., could turn on with said OC but at a random time it will get the BSOD.

So the best bet here is to get a better HEatsink for the CPU?

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  1. That's a kick-a$$ rig as it is and I strongly suggest not touching it for now. If you have to upgrade, just wait till the HD 7000 series or the Nvidia 600 series comes out.

    People will kill to get that config and you'll do well to leave it just as it is.

    As for the OC, instead of changing the FSB and HT, you just up the CPU's multiplier (I think that one comes only as BE, even though you didn't mention that) to avoid OC'ing the whole system to avoid RAM issues. Else, if you want that, just change the FSB/DRAM ratio. That board should definitely allow it.

    And as for the multiplier route, you need to up the Vcore without only tinkering with the multiplier.

    Run Prime95 or Hyper PI for a few hours to determine the stability.

    As for the RAM, it's probably 1066 Mhz.
  2. If you're not having performance issues, then there's no real need to upgrade.

    You have a solid rig as is.

    As mentioned, 7xxx series and 6xx series VGA cards are due Q1/Q2 2012 so wait till you go in June.
  3. Yep, leave it alone.

    From recent Tom's system builder marathons it seems that Phenom IIs run at needlessly high stock voltage. You might have more luck undervolting and then overclocking. Check out the March and September $500 builds for more info.

    In case you're tempted to spring for that GTX 580, consider also that you'll probably be bottlenecked by your CPU no matter how fast you get it, whereas it'll probably be a fairly balanced match for your 570 if you can get a bit more speed out of it.
  4. Nope, doesn't seem worth upgrading ATM.
  5. Thanks alot for all the replies.

    @calguyhunk @hunuok

    As stated, I was incorrect, it is 1066 mhz, and the CPU is also BE.

    Wow, didn't know the new nvidia/ati series will be coming up in 2012 so yeah I will wait indeed.

    Ok, I will up this time only the multiplier( atm is 17x200= 3.4) with a Core Voltage of 1.376v


    Kk, I will check it.
  6. If you must upgrade, get an SSD. Otherwise your rig looks really good as is.
  7. ^ +1

    Only thing i dont see in that Kickass rig...M4 from Crucial is the best out there, and a 128GB SSD will run you around $195. Good for OS and your most played software.
  8. casualbuilder said:
    ^ +1

    Only thing i dont see in that Kickass rig...M4 from Crucial is the best out there, and a 128GB SSD will run you around $195. Good for OS and your most played software.

    Yes - the Crucial M4 is an excellent choice, as is the Intel 320. There's lots of other good brands out there like Kingston Hyper X, Plextor, and Corsair Force 3, but the Crucial and Intel lines are the tops so far.
  9. Only reason i push the M4 is because i know for a fact its a synchronous drive. This means that unlike most other drives that are asynchronous, this wont slow down until around 80% capacity where the asynchronous drives tend to see performance drops at around 45%-60% capacity. Noting how expensive they already are, an extra $20 for a top brand like the M4 and i320 is more than acceptable in my mind.
  10. ^ most companies will not release this information about synchronous/asynchronous, as i feel they have some sort of major pact or trust agreement. This is a huge piece of information though when deciding on an SSD.
  11. Oh very nice to know that, I also saw that the M4 is among the best 120gb SSD's out there.

    The SSD must have for me would be the OS taking 20gb, Microsoft office 2gb and a couple other stuff(5gb). That's almost 30gb straight, and I'm planning on having 2-3 modern games that take around 7gb space. So the SSD will be filled with 50% of it's capacity.

    Music,images, and such will go to my 1tb spinpoint f3 slave hard drive, along with my 2nd slave hard drive of 320gb and backup everything on the external hard drive 320gb usb 3.0 .
  12. Well, if you are using Win7 64-BiT, you will actually see more around the 40Gb range with all the updates. Give yourself some headroom with this as you will most likely need it.
  13. Thanks for the reply, but what do you mean with more headroom? Buy a 240gb instead? But those are now expensive. Having 80gb on the 120gb SSD make it slow?
  14. no no no...the 128Gb drive is plenty! good choice. i was just saying, you will have some wiggle room (headroom) with that.
  15. Sorry for my late reply, but I wanted to do it with more research.

    So I made myself some more money and got around $400 to spend in a SSD.

    I found this "tier" list:


    Tier 1 ssd's have an almost 20% more read speed of the m4 120 gb ssd.

    Im pointing to buy the mushking 120gb ssd due to the good price, good specs(top specs actually) and very good reputation so far. My main question would be...Will I see a difference in speed between the mushkin 120gb to the 240 gb ssd?

  16. no. and honestly, you wont see any difference in speed with the M4. The reason i recommend the M4 from Crucial is due to its coding architecture. The M4 series is written for synchronous storage, while MOST other drives are written for asynchronous storage. The main difference is that asynchronous storage will start to slow down greatly after only 45%-60% capacity. Synchronous storage will start showing signs of slowing down after 75%-90% capacity. That is a 30% capacity difference. IMO, its worth going for a drive that read/writes consistently for basically the whole storage capacity of the drive, rather than get very good results off the bat, and then after you have all your favorite items and OS on there, slow down to almost 7200rpm HDD speeds.
  17. Wow that's some information I couldn't find, and only vets like you may know it, I appreciate it alot.

    However my last question would be:

    This is the 128gb version for $204:


    and with the reansfer kit $206:


    Then, this is the 256gb version for $364:


    The main question is why this version with the transfer kit rises up to $409?


    On the 128gb theres a $2 difference but on the 256 gb version there's a $46 difference :/

    The transfer kit is really needed right? Cause if they dont sell it separately, then I'm goind straight forward for the 128gb version.

    cheers again
  18. They dont sell it seperately, as it is software technology. The 128GB is plenty, and if you wanted, you could get 2..."oppulance!" The transfer kit is the easiest way to keep all your data stored on your HDD without having to reinstall OS and possibly all your software. That is why the price jump on the 256Gb. Crucial knows that 128Gb isnt enough storage for a lot of people, especially for that to be the only storage device. But!, the 256 is plenty of storage for MOST people, so they try to get a little extra out of the pockets of hard working consumers. My opinion, get 2 128Gb, 1 with a transfer kit, and the other without. install the one with and transfer your OS and files over to it, then install the other, setting them up in RAID0 configuration. Will be much faster, and will be about the same price as the 256Gb w/ transfer. Bood buy in my book.
  19. Thanks.

    I believe I'm gonna go for the 256gb model, found it for $349 with free shipping, while 2 128gb ssd would be for $410.

    Just out from curiosity...crucial's m4 is the only synchronius ssd? Because I was checking specifiactions and such and they don't tell that information.
  20. casualbuilder said:
    no no no...the 128Gb drive is plenty! good choice. i was just saying, you will have some wiggle room (headroom) with that.

    Yeah - 128GB is plenty, use the Samsung to store everything else.
  21. No, i dont believe they are the ONLY synchronous drive, but there is some "code of ethics" where companies don't actually release that information so that the consumer is in the dark. You really have to search for it with most SSD's. Crucial M4 has it plainly though in its description. In my mind, that is a pride statement, and they are soaking up business because of it.
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