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Hello, So I want to upgrade my motherboard and get a intel i5 cpu. I just recently bought a GTX 560 ti 448 cores video card and wan't to get more performance out of my machine. The performance right now isn't currently to bad but I would like to get more for gaming. My PC currently has 8GB DDR3 RAM, a AMD Athlon II x4 2.8GHz CPU and I was wondering if upgrading to the Intel i5 2500k(I want to OverClock) Will improve my performance. I heard the i5 was amazing for gaming and the only difference between the i7 and i5 was hyper threading, which wasn't a major thing for pc gaming. Any thoughts?
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  1. you'd see quite an improvement from an Athlon II x4 to a i5 2500k especially when you OC.

    generally will improve your fps a bit all around and especially your minimal fps.
  2. Yea I kinda figured. The games I currently play like Skyrim, BF3 and WoW are very CPU intensive games. BF3 for sure since I mainly play online which is when the game becomes CPU bound from what I read. I usually dip into the 30s sometimes 28fps on BF3 but I also get 45-60 on a regular basis with BF3 and thats on mid-ultra settings. I figured it was because of my cpu. I know that the GTX 560ti 448 isn't the highest end card but it's not a low or mid range imo. It's basically a GTX570. I love the card and its great.
  3. in bf3, its still your gpu limiting it mostly but the other games are mostly cpu limited.

    BF3 is very gpu intensive even in multiplayer and well threaded so it runs well on quad cores. The i5 will still be a good improvement but to play on ultra, you probably need sli 560 ti 448.
  4. Ahh okay. Well as long as the i5 is worth the 230$ investment then I should be quite happy.
  5. but you have to buy a mobo as well. you might be better buying a quick phenom II x4
  6. Oh no no no no, I'm buying a new mobo no questions asked. Not that I think the phenom is terrible or anything. I just prefer intel. But also my current mobo is some OEM *** from HP, I've slowly been upgrading this HP computer to the point that now all thats left is the orignal HDD that it came with which wont be original for long after i format it and it's wiped clean. I really could use a new/better mobo anyways and I'm sorta future proofing myself with a new mobo. is the board im looking at. Might check out some Asus boards but I'm not going to lie I'm really liking the OC Genie button.
  7. check if your mobo will work with the hp case.

    it may or may not fit and screw on.
  8. I got rid of the HP case over a year ago :D But im buying a new one to replace my apeva case. I'm getting the NZXT Phantom.
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