Mixing my audio.

I'm not sure this is the correct spot to be asking. I think it is, but is there any software, or driver or something out there that I can get my two seperate audio's into one.

What im trying to do is record a game, and capture the ingame sounds from my default Realtek HD Audio Input Stereo Mix slider, and also capture my headsets microphone, which is a creative labs soundblaster tactic3d alpha headset which game with its on audio software, while still being able to playback sound into my headset.

The problem im facing is when i have my audio being played back into my headset(have the headset drivers/or software selected or w/e and not the Realtek HD Audio Output) the stereo mix has nothing to pick up, but i get my mic of course, but then when i switch to have audio playback through my speakers i can catch everything from my microphone and stereo mix, the problem is then my microphone picks up sound from my speakers, also its a nuisance because id rather have audio playback in my headset as it wont bother others so much. Plus the audio quality on my headset is tons better then my speakers, specially when playing games as the software imitates surround sound.

So i come full circle to what i asked above is there any kind of software that would allow me to combine the two softwares i have to have them both activated or something and rolled into one?
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  1. no is the short answer but for recording purposes a good video editor will combine as many sound sources as you need
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