ATI & Nvidia in one rig

Hi everyone,

I've been looking around on the forums (and google for that matter) but haven't found a clear answer to one of my questions.

At this time I have GTX570 in my desktop running 2 screens. Now I'm thinking of adding another one (got a spare one sitting around). Unfortunately the GTX can only handle 2 screens at the same time.

The thing is I have a 4850 laying around, would it be possible to plug that one in and run another screen from that card? Probably ... yes.

But my question is if this will make it so I won't have the updated drivers for either card?

I'm not completely sure how this will work out, I don't feel like frying my rig by testing it out.

Thanks for any help possible.
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  1. @OP, What OS are you using?
  2. If you plan on running 3 screens you should have bought a ATI card. The eyefinity cards can run 6 screens.
  3. You can do it in Windows 7 or XP. You cannot do it in Vista.
  4. Using Win7.

    GeekApproved, I'm not a big fan of ATI anymore, last 2 cards I got from them broke down without a reason (first one even twice, the fan just stopped spinning for no reason, got it repaired and it happened again).
    So I decided to get a Nvidia this time.

    I dont HAVE to run 3 screens, I was just thinking about it. And since I have a card laying around (replacement I got for the first one that broke down twice) I decided to see what the possibilities were with it.
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