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Building a PC for BF3, I need help guys.

Hello, I am building my first PC and want to find out if what I plan on getting will be enough to run BF3 on ultra 120 fps by default...If see anywhere I could save money or upgrade for the same price let me know....Thanks....heres my list so far
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More about building guys
  1. You can't link to a shopping cart because its stored in your "cookies". Can't see what your pick is
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    Hello peccinatorc91;

    System builds like yours are usually handled over in the Systems forum.
  3. according to this

    an GTX 580 SLI may good enough for Ultra

    + i5 2600k
  4. the i5 2500k + 2 7970 would do 120 fps at 1080p.
  5. at 120 fps, I think the OP has to rethink and state a budget.
  6. I get 50fps average with my below system...
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