Choice of 3 laptops, which is better priced, and for WoW?


Ive been looking long and hard for laptops and have come across 3 on a website called as i reside in australia ive heard you can pick up decent deals on here. Ill link the 3 laptops, and the prices ive talked them down to.

Called him, said he wouldnt go below $850AUD Paid extended warranty already, with receipts

Said he would sell it for 800$AUD
1 year warranty with receipts

Got this guy down too $700 AUD although it seems like its been used for over a year from memory when i rang him, but still has 11 months extended warranty.

Not sure if ANY of these are good deals to be honest, but for what they come with they are reasonably cheap. I was looking at something like this or a dv6 i7 2630m with 4gb ram and 5770 radeon for something like $750aud brand new.

Advice? Tips? Hints?
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  1. For used laptops i wouldnt get any of those for that price. Can probably get better new laptops for that price.
  2. I've looked at getting new laptops... I really only want to spend 800$ but anything less is great. So i thought perhaps it was a good idea to try and get a recently 2nd hand, or new but being sold privately.

    If you think i can get something better brand new for 800$ id be very interested in finding out what you know?

    Found the same first one i linked for brandnew 988$ pretty much the cheapeast i could find
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