New ram beeps at bootup


I just purchased some new ram, when i installed it the pc does a long beep for about 2-3 seconds pauses and beeps again continuously until shutdown. the motherboard and ram are listed below, are they incompatible?

mobo -

ram - 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR2 PC2-3200P 2Rx4 CL3 400Mhz 240-Pin Memory Kingston ECC ram ( 290819719358 )

Thanks for your help!
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    That is ddr2 400 mhz memory, the mobo supports only 800 mhz ddr2 or above, best bet it is incompatible.
  2. ah dang i figured going lower would be ok but its actually the opposite lol thanks man i already got in touch with the seller and hes gunna see if hes got anything in stock for me.
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