Putting a subwoofer in a leased car?

So I'm planning on leasing a 2012 Ford Focus Se, but the sound system is kind of trash with only 4 speakers. I was just looking to put a small subwoofer that I could put in the trunk and that would obviously need to be removable and not need any cutting. Is there any way to do this?
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  1. How would I get power to it though?
  2. For powering it you'll have to run a power cable from the battery. As it's a leased car and a focus I'd recommend something quality in the 250-400watt range. For that you'll only need 8 gauge cable from the battery. There should be lots of places under the dash and on the drivers side to squeeze it through the firewall. As per the ground you can find a good spot on the frame if you take the side covers of in the trunk or hatch, there will most likely be ground wires attached to the frame around there already. As to hooking up the amp you'll want a line out converter or an amp with high level inputs that the rear speaker wires can be spliced to. Myself I prefer a line out converter but both ways work. With picking out what components to use I'd need to know what lmusic you listen too to recommend. I wouldn't use what jay_nar suggested myself. It is cheap but looks pretty low end too me, again it's about budget. Bang for buck I like the JL W3 with a good 300 watt amp. The subwoofer box, another reason I don't like pre made packages, is very important. A ported box will be louder but not the same quality as a sealed. The size of the box is important as a larger box will make the bass deeper but the sub won't be able to handle as much power. If you or one of your friends is good at woodwork I highly suggest custom building, it won't be much cheaper but will pay off big time in SQ. Just so you know there will be some cutting just mostly the speaker wire going to the rear speakers.
  3. Good find on that JL amp Jay. I think I might pick that up for myself. Those pioneer speakers are decent for the price. The TS-W3002 is geting close to better quality speakers for that price but still you can't go wrong with it, at least for rap, dubstep, etc. For someone listening to straight rock I'd suggest a different one at that price point but good db for the price.
  4. Hmm I was kind of thinking of getting a subwoofer plus an amp in the same box, i think they're called powered subwoofers, and then putting it in the trunk with some strong velcro so it could easily be removed. Would all the wiring be reversible to stock though?
  5. For the most part you should get it back really close to stock. Easily close enough where they won't notice on a lease return. If you absolutely have to go the prebuilt powered sub route at least go for the Infinity one. DO NOT get any Bazooka ones as they are complete crap. What's your price range? It's pretty easy to build your own powered sub setup.
  6. as i have never bought a subwoofer before, I'm not really sure what my price range should be. I'm far from an audiophile, but I do love the sound of bass. If it's possible around $200, I just want something that sounds decent and won't break.
  7. Where do you live? If in the USA you can get the Infinity Basslink for $200. Now the wiring will add another $50 or so. This is also from Crutchfield which is an alright store to buy from but has really good customer support which for someone inexperienced with stereo installations can help quite a bit. By buying components there and assembling it yourself, which is really easy, you can get better than the Basslink for $60 more. $400 will get you in to some real quality components. Going with components and building yourself gives you options on a ported or non ported box and amp location. Another thing is looking on Ebay. On Ebay I was able to price out a 10" JL W3 with a 250w rms amp and box for $250 plus shipping. Total for that system would be under $400 and would sound awesome in a focus. That is hands down the best bang for buck subwoofer out there. I've used lots of JL subwoofers and they are great. The W3 has tight bass and hits pretty good. The only real option here I'd enjoy is the Ebay choice.
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