Regarding dual monitors onboard graphics?

Hi there.

I'm planning on purchasing a new pc in order to do music production on it. It will have a midi keyboard connected, possibly some synths etc.

I will be using the software FL studio which I was consider semi intensive?

Anyway, the specs are as follows:
amd quad core at 4.2ghz
16gb 1666mhz ram
1tb hard drive

However it doesn't come with a graphics card, and uses the motherboards onboard graphics. The motherboard is a cheap Gigabyte 78LMT USB, however on pictures, it does have a VGA and a DVI connection.

I will be using 2x24" monitors.
Is this capable providing using the onboard graphics or would performance be effected?

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  1. As long as you aren't attempting to play games, you shouldn't experience any issues using two monitors. FL Studio, if anything, is more processor intensive then anything (if at all)
    One thing to check is that the VGA port supports 1080p, since some cheap motherboards have weird port specifications like that. Also make sure the motherboard supports using both ports at once. Its uncommon that it wouldn't, but if its a cheaper end motherboard you should check.

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