Dual Intel Xeon 5620 CPUs

I have acquired two Intel 5620 CPUs, just wanted some opinions on whether it was worth using one/both of them for a home build (or not!).

My home PC is an ageing Intel Gallatin EE 3.4GHz running Windows XP which is hardly used, in fact I tend to use a laptop with an Intel 7300 2Hgz C2D for gaming (mostly Sega's Football Manager series) because it's a lot quicker than the PC. I would assume that a single 5620 is going to be a much quicker CPU than either of these.

I'd be looking to run Windows 7 on it.

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. it depends on what games ?apps you are running in most cases i think one e5620 will do better . however in benchmarks using two would do better.
  2. It would be used for ripping CDs in to FLAC, encoding films so that I can access a library of movies from my AV amp, and playing Football Manager and some other games.

    It looks like if I wanted to do any overclocking (which apparently the Xeon E5620 is typcially quite capable of) if I used both of these CPUs then I'm limited to the almost £500 EVGA SR-2 board (which I don't think would fit in to my beautiful Antec P182-SE case anyway) as I don't think any of the £200-£300 workstation boards allow these Xeons to be ramped up.

    On the other hand, I think that there are a few good X58 boards that support a single Xeon.
  3. The SR-2 is a beautiful board though :)
    And if you do intend to do encoding, then having 2 CPU's would be great.

    But as you list above, the support for HTPX mobo's is quite limited.
    And you are looking at paying quite a premium for getting those 2 xeons to use.

    £350 for the mobo, then £150-200 for a suitable case.
    You might even need a beefier psu to handle the 2 CPU's and you have to basically have twice the memory.

    So sadly I would say that it's hardly worth it. But as an enthusiast i have to say that it would sure be a sweet rig :)
  4. two cpu's might perform better in some applications . however they cost too much because you need more ram and most applications don't utilise all the cores . a single e5620 overclocked performs like a i7 980x.
  5. rvilkman said:
    The SR-2 is a beautiful board though :)

    But the P182SE is a beautiful case though ;-)

    I think I'll go down the route of getting a Westmare-compatible X58 board and hopefully getting 3.8-4.0GHz out of it, rather than a workstation board that only gives me 2x stock 2.4Ghz 5620s, since the SR-2 isn't really a viable option (I don't think, anyway!).

    Thanks people :)
  6. Come to think of it, as well as wanting to re-use my existing P182-SE case, I think the SR-2 only has PCIx slots so my PCI DAB radio card wouldn't have fitted in it which was another thing I was hoping to be able to re-use.
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