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Hi all, when my monitor is connected to my HD 5750 via DVI cable i see a black border (about an inch thick) around all corners of my screen until I see windows login screen. I also see this border in safe mode and bios settings screen (the resolution is fine). However there is no such border if I connect it with VGA cable. My card natively support vesa resolution of 1920x1080 and so is the resolution of my LG monitor. I know technically its called under-scanning/scaling but how do I fix it. ATI CCC only helps after windows has booted. I need something that can fix this under scanning issue before winnows has booted. I can't play with monitor settings on digital input. Is it my gpu or monitor?
Thanks in advance
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  1. Why is this something you even want to try to fix? There is no issue here. Or do you spend all your time in the BIOS screen and want it to be full screen all the time for some reason?
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