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I got a new asrock g41m-gs3 motherboard plus 2 sticks ddr3 ram due to old board seeming to be fried I do have the 4 pin in the slot yet getting no power from button to supply. Only part I was questionable on is which side up on the front panel cabling. 4 twisted pairs I have are:
hdd ledred white
pw sw red black
reset sw blue white
power led green black
power supply is antec 850w
any other information to help get it to turn on would be appreciated since the person who I inherited the case from is too busy to help
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  1. page 22 of motherboard user manual
  2. erm page 22 is German? I did look at pinout was having issues figuring positive negative
  3. negative is always black and positive red,when you open the page pres the + button and you will exactly how to connect the front panel to the board.been loking at german version of the manual and it it the same as the first link
  4. okay didn't see any link was using the physical manual from the box but I think I have it correct now however still no power showing
  5. use the manual from the motherboard to connect the case front panel connector
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