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Gaming upgrades

Hello all I currently have a dell studio 7100 xps and wanted to do some upgrading, but I have a few questions.

Current specs
CPU = AMD phenom 11 x6 1045t
GPU = Radeon HD 5770
Mobo = Dell 0ff3fn
Ram = 4g

1. Wanting to upgrade to hd 6950, but will my cpu bottleneck this gpu?

2. If I was to upgrade my cpu what would be a good fit for gaming only?

3. Is there any need to add more ram?

My total budget for upgrading is 500.00 bucks which will include a new psu, ram if needed, gpu for sure, and cpu if needed or there just happens to be a better option out there that is with in my buget. Thanks
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    Any bottleneck imposed by the PHII X6 won't be noticable in everyday gaming. You might get a little less bottleneck out of the PHII X4 980BE because it's faster and because games don't make use of 6 cores. But I wouldn't bother.
    You don't mention the size PSU you have now, but upgrading to a HD 6950 will require a 500W+ PSU depending on what else you need to power. Use this PSU calculator to get a good idea of the size you need.

    And don't forget to uninstall/reinstall the driver pkg with the change of cards.
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