GTX295 fails to initialise after reboot

I have a home built system I use for audio/video/gaming.

Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3 motherboard
Nvidia GTX295 GPU
AMD Phenom II X2 560 BE
Becool 1000W PSU

Whenever I do a reboot, the monitor goes into standby as normal, the fans power down for a second or 2 as normal then speed up again as the system reboots.
The problem is I get a series of about 7 or 8 beeps really close together so I can't count them and the monitor stays in standby.
I have to press & hold the power button to shut the unit down and turn it off at the mains then leave it for 5 to 10 mins before I can restart it.

This only seems to happen after the unit has been on for a few minutes. As a test I went into BIOS, clicked through a few screens then quit. The unit rebooted no problem. Waited for win7 to load, ran CPU-ID & HWMonitor, closed them & did a reboot. Got the beeps & monitor stayed in standby.

Is this something others have experienced, is it fixable, is my PSU too powerful, do I have a faulty GPU?

Any info would be nice as I want to look at overclocking the 560 further but it's a pain having to do a full power down & wait everytime I reboot.
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  1. Update: Did some google searching on the 295 ref the LED's on the back plate. The GTX 295 has 2. One glows green if it's getting enough power or red if not. The other glows blue indicating it's the primary card (apparently useful for SLI setup's so you know which one is the primary card)
    Having checked the last time it failed to reboot, the green LED stays on during the reboot but the blue LED goes out and doesn't come back on. This motherboard doesn't have onboard graphics nor is it SLI capable so a little confused as to what is happening.
  2. Does the blue light only come on in SLi mode? Would seem silly to have that light on when there's only one card anyway, so I wouldn't be worried that it's not on.

    Also, I've NEVER heard of that brand of power supply. Is that really its name? If it is, I'd be leery of it. I never, ever trust power supply brands that I haven't heard of. That's the absolute worst thing you could do.
  3. no, blue light is on to indicate it's the primary vga. Only time it goes out is if I power off or reboot. If it isn't lit, I don't get any monitor output.
    As I understand it from reviews, it's main use is when using 2 GTX295's in a quad sli setup to know which one is the primary card to plug the monitor lead into.
    It seems to me that either the GPU or the mobo seems to think I have another GPU installed along with the GTX295 & it's giving that primary status on reboots despite the fact the GTX295 is the only GPU.

    My mistake on the psu. It's a 'be quiet Dark Power Pro P8'. It's a German company.
  4. Is the card plugged into the primary pci e slot? Try moving it to a different slot.
  5. there is only one pciex16 slot on this motherboard. The other slots are four pciex1 and two pci.
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