Help with 1st build

Approximate Purchase Date: Next Week

Budget Range: 1500-2000

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, internet

Parts Not Required: mouse, speakers

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: any reputable online dealer

Parts Preferences: no preference

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Yes

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: Building to play Skyrim, GW2, Diablo 3, and CoD 3

Parts list:

CPU: I5-2500K -
MOBO: Asrock P67 Extreme 4 Gen 3 -
HSF: CM Hyper 212+ -
Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws 8GB -
GPU: X2 MSI 560GTX-TI Twin Frozr -
PSU: Corsair HX750 -
HDD: Hitachi 1TB 7200RPM -
DVD Drive: Lite-on Black 18x -
Case: CM Haf 922 -
Keyboard: Microsoft Sidwinder -
Monitor: Planar PX2710MW -

Just looking for any help or tips with this build. If the parts are compatible, if the build is viable, and if anyone sees a possible bottleneck to the system. Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance!
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  1. For the cooler, go for the Cooler Master 212 Evo. It's the latest iteration of the 212 line of cooler, and does a better job than the 212+
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    This is a much better monitor, and only $20 more.

    EVO is a much better HSF.

    Everything else is spot on my friend!
  3. 1 other note. You should get a single GTX580 instead of 2 GTX560's.

    1. It will perform at least as well, if not better.
    2. It gives you longer future upgrade ability.
    3. Only another $40 i believe for the Twin Frozr II GTX580.
  4. Which version of the gtx 580
  5. MSI Twin Frozr II is the "best" out there. Honestly, if you are running this card at stock speeds, MSI, EVGA, ASUS, or PNY are my choices. Some people would stick Gigabyte in there, but i dont see them as a viable options with the other 4 choices. ASUS is what i like for my GTX5xx's cards, and their single fan gpu's tend to stay cooler due to higher air flow through an enclosed hsf casing.
  6. GTX 580 isn't faster (average fps) than SLI GTX 560 (if games scales properly)

    But usually do have higher minimum fps, lower temp, less noise, and always work (sometimes SLI doesn't works).
    I would recommend GTX 580 over the SLI (I do have SLI, but only cause I bought one card at time)
  7. What fans should i buy for the case to increase cooling?
  8. I'm about to put in the order in for the parts listed in 2 hours. This is my first build so I'm a bit nervous. One last check to see if I am missing anything such as compatibility issues, cables, or necessary parts. Any help between now and then would be great. I'm excited/scared!!!

    CPU - I5 2500k
    Mobo - Asrock P67 Extremem 4 Gen 3
    HSF - CM Hyper 212 Evo
    Ram - G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB DDR3 1600
    Case - CM Haf 922
    PSU - Corsair Hx750
    HDD - WD Caviar Black 500GB 7200rpm
    DVD Drive - Hp 24x SATA 1260i
    GPU - EVGA Gtx 580
    Case fan - CM Megaflow 200
    Keyboard - Microsoft Sidewinder x4

    Any advice on these parts or just words of encouragement is much needed, thx alot in advance!!!

    Heres a much better gaming keyboard. I use to have the sidewinder x4 but i ended up returning it after a week.
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