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Which cpu to buy

So microcenter has this bundle deal with a amd processor and different mobo's that I cant really pass up right now with such a tight budget.

The two choices I'm looking at are the Phenom II x4 960 black edition or the Phenom II x6 1045t Black edition the difference being ~$20

This I plan to use this with the gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P Socket AM3+ 760G mATX that comes free in the bundle as well as 2x 4GB kingston hyper x 1600 to deal with it only having 2 ram slots

note: if I go with the quad I could afford to up the mobo to a msi 880G-E45 Socket AM3 880G ATX AMD

Just looking for opinions, I understand they aren't "top" or intel but I'm a poor college student.

(cm storm scout case so not worried about size)

Thanks all
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    You should do the i3-2100 microcenter deal.
  2. Does it come with a free mobo because thats what is so appealing as I'm dealing with a stock MCP61PM-HM (Nettle2) that I took from a hp a6200n. I'm new to this.
  3. It comes with 50 dollars off of a mobo. Go and look at their ads lol.
  4. I'd get the 960t. the 1045t doesn't offer much more in terms of performance and is clocked lower so some applications won't run as fast. Very few things can use all 6 cores.

    as for the i3, get it if its cheaper than the 960t as they are about equal when it comes to performance.
  5. One last question, I have heard that when it comes to cpu architecture that in the end dual core is more efficient for gaming over quad and since I don't plan on running multiple apps besides a single game (likely an mmo) the i3 would be better?

    note: did find the offer thank you amuffin
  6. The i3 will be better in games but games are moving toward more cores so unless you want to upgrade, the i3 might not actually enjoy a performance increase over a quad core in the future.

    if you mean wow by mmo then the i3 would be better.
  7. By mmo I mean swtor and its poorly designed engine...sadly
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