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Hd5670/6670 power usage?

will my power supply work with the 6670 or the 5670 maybe neither? and would i get any bottleneck with a core 2 quad q9300 @2.5ghz
heres a pic of the psu
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  1. thx for the quick reply
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    your psu has 18A max on its 12V, which powers ur cpu/gpu etc.
    total power on 12V = 18 x 12 = 216A

    out of which your CPU will use 95W(if not overclocked).. which leaves 121A for the rest of the system,
    the 6670 needs a minimum of 66W and max of 92W(if not overclocked). Which leaves upto 30A.. it is really cutting it close however the card will run fine.

    ASUS Radeon HD 6670 Power consumption and temperature:

    The 5670 uses less power than the 6670 and will easily run on your sytem.. however the 6670 is much greater in performance than a 5670.
    get the 6670!
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  4. thx for all these great answers. I will get the 6670 for sure then.
  5. My mistake then i guess, however i made my opinion that 5670 uses less power than 6670 was based on this:-

    Anyhow, the 6670 will do fine on the Ops PC.. :)
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