Help picking case around $200>

I really like the 650D i've "seen" (youtube) nice things said about it. Nothing really ever negative, for me it's near perfect, nice simple design, and a window. But someone in another thread of mine said " i think it has airflow problems, correct me if i'm wrong"

But, no one corrected him, so idk if he was right or no one saw it or what?

Price range 200< but ill go up a little if needed

But to the main point i'd like to buy a case that has at least the following
Cable management grommets
at least 2 usb 3.0
window is preferred, but i know some cases sell windows separately, that's fine too.
im looking for a mid tower, but a full is cool too.
has to fit a H100 i think that's a 120mm rad, and a push pull configuration is what i ideally want room for
and most importantly, good airflow.
NOW, if the 650 d DOES have good airflow, and that guy was just misinformed, then please tell me, and please do feel free to make more case suggestions.
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    I think the 650D is a very sexy case too!
    Been eyeing that beauty for a while.
    I do recall that thread but i can't remember the specifics.
    That's just one guy and some people are never pleased.
    Might have been one of those guys with SLI and everything oc'd and nitpicks about temps or loud fans.
    By all accounts i've read the 650D is an excellent case.
  2. cant say im a fan of the looks of the 650d but inside is superb. lots of room, lots of grommets and a backplate that allows easy access...
    have you looked to the coolermaster cosmos range? a very similar standard of detail. its just a damn shame the cm c2 isnt in yer price range...
  3. I'm well aware of the cosmos 2, anyone out there have it? is it actually worth the almost $400?
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