Wireless-integrated mobo worth it?

I absolutely need wireless on my desktop.

The only board in my price range with wireless integrated is the ASUS P8z77-V which I quite like, except for the fact that it is at the very top end of what I am prepared to pay.

The other boards I am looking at are the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 (but a friend told me this is not a good mobo and to stick with ASUS or Gigabyte) or Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H or GA-Z77x-D3H.

My question is whether I should just buy the Asus and be done with it, or is it more worthwhile to get one of the other boards and a separate wireless adapter?
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  1. do you realy need a board with 3 pci-e slot or add wirelees pen drive like this one http://ca.asus.com/en/Networks/Wireless_Adapters/USBN13/ who goes 300 mb or this one http://ca.asus.com/en/Networks/Wireless_Adapters/USBN10/#overview that is a 150 mb
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