Will this do everything i want it to do?

just built a new computer, wondering if it will do everything i want without any lag or anything. i plan on using two 21inch 1980x200 res monitors and one 27 inch at the same res. and i'll usually have like a movie or music on one monitor, google chrome with like 8 or nine tabs open on another and microsoft word or powerpoint on the other, as i have to type a lot of homework papers. when i game i'll be using just the 27inch monitor with a res of 2560x1600 or 1980x200 on all maxed out settings. i'll be playing battlefield3, TF2, half life, crysis 2, batman arkham assylum/city, skyrim, diablo 3 and games like that. here are my specs, can you help me out if i should upgrade or anything?

i5 2500k at 4 Ghz
8gb ddr3 ram, Cas latency of 9 at 1600 Mhz. (also how can i overclock myram?)
ASRock p67 extreme4 gen 3.
pc power and cooling 750 watt mk ii psu.
asus gtx 570 with dcu ii
ocz vertex 3 120gb ssd.

side note.. my gtx 570 is massive, it takes up 3 slots, so i cant sli.
what would be a safe over clock that actually will get a noticeable performance increase for my gpu? and what is the highest over clock for my i5 when im using just the stock cooler without worrying about it over heating or anything
:) sorry it was such a long post. just want ti make sure i get everything right. thanks for all of your help!
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  1. This will be able to do everything. But if you are going to want to multi task extremely i would recommend 12 gb of ram. Also you should have got the 2600k for a increase in power. Other than that this rig seems good.
  2. I would highly recommend the 2600k, but i dont think you will need more than 8GB of RAM, even with all you are doing. They are still very simple programs you are running, unlike editing software or rendering/folding programs.

    I would recommend you get the Hyper 212+ EVO aftermarket cooler. For $35, its a great buy, and will allow you to OC your cpu moderately without any worries of overheating.

    Next, even though i am an nvidia guy, you will want a 6950. eyefinity and AMD/ATI drivers favor triple monitor setups, and while GTX has better single monitor graphics, the 69xx's do way better for triple monitors. Also, i believe this card is only a double or even single slot card. Cheaper too if im not mistaken, or the same price.
  3. You just built your computer and you already want to know if you should upgrade ? That sounds like poor planning to me and you could be needlessly wasteing money. You would be better off now trying to overclock anything that you feel is lacking on your computer. A starting point would be the cpu , although it is not lacking and is a good choice you can get a good overclock out of a 2500k , you could take it up to 4.5ghz with a good cpu cooler.
    COOLER MASTER Hyper N 520 RR-920-N520-GP 92mm Sleeve CPU Cooler Intel Core i7 compatible $33.99

    You can overclock the ram in the bios by either adjusting the timings or the mhz. There are some good articles/guides that you can do a google search for that will help.
    The video card you have is not geared for multiple monitoers like the AMD cards are with eyefinity , sorry to say but maybe the best option would be to sell it on e-bay or something and get an AMD card or try to use it and see what you are able to do with it , the good thing is that I do believe the card is very overclockable and was made to do just that and has a good heat sink to keep it cool. It does support 3 monitors with NVIDIA 3D Vision, 3D Vision Surround so I would give it a shot and see what you can come up with for a solution to the 3 monitors.
  4. OH...dang! if you already bought the i5 2500K there is absolutely NO POINT in upgrading to the i7 2600K. My bad.
  5. I agree get the 6950 2 GB for your setup, maybe two :sol:
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