What kind of RAM should I buy for new laptop

I have a new HP laptop and I want the fastest memory you can buy. I do not mind spending a couple hundred for the best. Right now I have 204pin SoDimm DDR3 PC12800 8Gb. And I want to go up to 2133 or higher. What would you recomend for me. I have another laptop and I picked out Corsair 1866 16Gb Sodimm and this memory actually ranked 8th in letency out of all the memory SiSoft Sandra ever tested EVER. But I did not shop around much. I also realize that Kingston makes a 2133 version but it is only 8Gb. I kind of wanted 16Gb. But I am willing to settle if it is the fastest. What is the best memory for a laptop? Simple question.
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  1. try with this and see what it will find for you http://www.corsair.com/us/learn_n_explore/
  2. I am familiar that websites can choose a generic memory for my laptop. But if you read the question I am looking for the highest performance and all I am aware of is Corsair's 1866 laptop memory and I know a little of kingstons 1866 and 2133 but that's it. And I cannot believe out of all the people on this site no one knows anything about laptop RAM. It seems like I might just be smarter than I thought I was about computers. That or no one comes here.
  3. Hey scout_03 thanks for trying to help though.
  4. i would suggest this go to hp with the exact name and model of your laptop and see what the suggest you for fastest memory on this system,so you wont have to buy memory that the system will not be able to handle. salutations to you ericjohn004
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