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I have a ASRock 939 Dual SATA 2 motherboard. I want to upgrade all the hardware in it. I am trying to find the maximum compatible hardware this thing can run so it can run well when i give it to some one later. my main priorities that NEED to be upgraded are the Maximum Compatible Video Card, Maximum Compatible Hard Drive, Maximum Compatible Processor, and maximum compatible RAM. I want to go all out with this thing and upgrade it to its Maximum Capacity. Please Help out. I have an idea what i need but i would like a professional opinion. and yes i knowbuying a new computer would be best. But remember this computer will be a hand me down in the future.
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  1. Don't spend another dime on that board; 939 boards are scarce; if it dies, you'll have a hard time recuperating your upgrade cost. Save your money and when you're ready to pass it down, give us a try again. I recommend $600-800 for a new build.
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